Blendy VJ was developed in Brazil by Roger Sodré, of Studio Avante.

Inspiration and testing by VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz and VJ Erms of United VJs.

Coded with C++, OpenGL and GLSL, using the Cinder framework.

Edge Blend and Fulldome algorithms by Paul Bourke.

Syphon developed by Tom Butterworth and Anton Marini.

Hap Codec developed by Tom Butterworth and VidVox.

SimpleGUI derived from on Marcin Ignac‘s Cinder block, which was inspired by Andreas Schlegel‘s ControlP5, with font by Yusuke Kamiyamane.

All open source code used and modified for this project is available on my Github Cinder fork.

Thanks to Pushky, Beatification, Play Projeções, Jake & Dan for support with the tutorials.


Blendy Support

Email [ support (at) studioavante (dot) com ]



Email: [ roger (at) studioavante (dot) com ]

Software + Games: Studio Avante

VJ + Video Mapping: United VJs, VaiVendo

Twitter: @Roger_S

Flickr: sigilo