Blendy VJ

Blendy VJ solves the problem many Vjs, artists and projectionists face when more than one projector is needed to cover an area with light. It is usually impossible to make a perfect seamless alignment of multiple projectors side by side. Either you’ll have a gap between them, doubled light, or worse.

The Problem


The solution is to overpose the projectors and fade out the edges of each one to make a seamless blend. Due to the nature of light, this fade is not a simple gradient, but a gamma curve. Blendy does all the math to get the perfect soft edge, for as many projectors as you need.

The Solution


Blendy Vj is a tool aimed for experienced users (like VJs), and uses the Syphon framework to stand between any Syphon-enabled player (like Modul8 and many others) and the projection mapping tool (like MadMapper or Arena). Syphon is based on a revolutionary technology called IOSurface, available only on Mac OS X 10.6 (and above), which allows graphic applications to share textures in the graphics card, with near to zero overhead.

Blendy VJ + Quicktime files

Blendy VJ + Modul8 + MadMapper

Blendy VJ + Resolume

Blendy VJ + VDMX