Blendy VJ is an artesanal software product, made by VJs, for VJs.

You can download and try Blendy VJ for free. To get rid of the watermark (a vertical line right in the middle of the blend). Your serial will be sent automatically after the PayPal transaction is confirmed. Each licence is valid for TWO computers.

To use Blendy VJ, you will need a mapping tool like MadMapperResolume Arena or VDMX. Play Quicktime files or from a Syphon based player is recommended (see complete list here).

Blendy VJ only works on Apple Macintosh computers. The current Blendy VJ version 1.2 is good for Lion (OS X 10.7) to Mavericks (OS X 10.9).

For Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), please download version 1.0. If you have any problems, contact support and we will sort it out.

Pay with Paypal For VJs Brasil    R$100.0 download
Pay with Paypal   Pay with Bitcoins For VJs International    €60.0 download
Pay with Paypal   Pay with Bitcoins For Commercial Use    €150.0 download
We accept Paypal We accept Bitcoins


Which licence?

If you are a VJ or an artist, independent or collective, using Blendy VJ to facilitate your work, get the VJs licence.

If you represent a company or work for a company that will use Blendy VJ on a commercial or corporate project, get the Commercial licence.



After you receive your activation code, open Blendy and click on the Authorize button and follow the instructions on the activation site.

Please fill in your data. User information will never be given away or used for spam.

If you need to de-activate your computer, do it from inside the app on the authorized computer by clicking on Deauthorize. If you do not have access to the authorized computer anymore, please contact support.

You must be connected to the internet to activate or deactivate your copy of Blendy.

If you have any problems, email [ support (at) studioavante (dot) com ] and I’ll be glad to help.


Why pay?

As a software developer, I’ve worked for many companies, making the rich people richer while I was getting no satisfaction.

Then I decided to quit this life and use my my programming skills to make art. After a couple of harsh years I’m finally making a living out of it. That’s what I do today, I make tools for creative use. I’m a professional willing to help you.

If this tool solves your problem, if it makes your life easier, the price is irrelevant. Get just a little bit out of your next gig’s fee, or add one line to your installation budget, it won’t hurt.

But if you are a developer and smart enough, you’ll find everything you need right here to make your own tool. Just add some coffee and a couple of sleepless nights.